Pistol Whip Cloudhead Games ltd. 2019

Inspired by God-mode action movies like John Wick and Equilibrium, this throws you gun-first into an explosive batch of hand-crafted action scenes each set to their own breakneck soundtrack. But unlike traditional music games, Pistol Whip has no line in the sand; you have complete freedom to shoot, melee, and dodge targets to the rhythm YOU see fit. Pair the pulse-pounding pace of an FPS with the flow-state energy of a music game in a cinematic symphony of violence. Form your rhythm and find your playstyle, from tactical to musical, then challenge your skill with friends and world leaderboards. Infiltrate a fever dream of hand-crafted scenes, from bank heists to android uprisings, each uniquely designed to music. Take it over-the-top with a variety of gameplay mods, such as Dual Wield, to enable the ultimate gun kata experience. Constant momentum and comfort-first design allows non-stop speed without the fear of motion sickness. Featuring EDM artists from Kannibalen Records, including Apashe, HVDES, and Black Tiger Sex Machine; with more to come. A free expansion 2089 Cinematic Action-Campaign was released with: "Scene 1: Revolt”, "Scene 2: Cage Fight", "Scene 3: Metal Mincer", "Scene 4: The Nest", "Scene 5: Die by Dawn" (each with 3 difficulties); 6 Cinematics - Revolt Intro, Cage Fight Intro, Metal Mincer Intro, The Nest Intro, Die by Dawn Intro, 2089 Finale; New enemy faction - The Metal - 1 Shot Android, 2 Shot Android, 4 Shot Android; 3 New Enemy Types - Auto Turret (1 Shot), Minigun Turret (16 Shot), Shield Trooper (melee-only); A MOTHER TRUCKIN’ BOSS; 1 New Weapon Type: Smart-burst Pistol; Completely redesigned User Interface: Added Arcade, Campaign, Challenge, Training, & Info sections; 4 new weapon models - The Sci-Fi Collection; 3 new sci-fi inspired weapon wraps; 9 new futuristic, and 9 new tactical colour customization options; 9 new space-infused metal finishes; 1 new weapon SFX: Number 6 - Sci-Fi Revolver; Implemented LIV 1.5 SDK integration.
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