PowerShooter Jay Kramer 1993

This is a good amateur shmup similar to the game "Flying Tigers". There is no plot, nor are there any indications of the time and place of action - but the form of the aircraft, and the drawings on them, and the backgrounds suggest that the game is dedicated to the Pacific War Theater. We play a fighter and fly over the sea, islands with volcanoes and various fortifications. Several types of aircraft, as well as a number of ground opponents interfere with us: ships, turrets, anti-aircraft guns, various fortifications, as well as volcanoes. The latter, of course, are not opponents in the literal sense of the word - but they all erupt, throwing a large amount of lava in the form of balls that take away health. The main danger is collisions with enemy aircraft: some of them even specifically go to ram. Our plane has a health reserve that can be replenished with bonuses. In addition to first-aid kits, among them there is a bonus that allows you to shoot a huge number of shells at the same time (standardly we shoot five at once), creating a protective dome around us, as well as giving an ultra-powerful weapon that looks like some kind of sound waves. As a last resort, in addition to the endless conventional ammunition, we have a limited number of missiles, which, however, can be replenished - sometimes allied ships are found, and they can be made for short-term landing. At the end of the game, by the way, rather short, we will have a traditional meeting with the boss. There is no sound, but it looks wonderful, primarily thanks to the bright and picturesque backgrounds.
Full Demo 130kb (uploaded by Old-Games.ru)

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