Fuzetsu oNyx 2005

This is a tiny 4kb no button bullet hell/curtain fire (danmaku) game made with Java. You start to "fire" if you're scraping bullets, the more bullets there are in your scraping radius and the closer they are the more bullets you start to emit. Score is directly proportional to the scraping. If you are close to the enemy al ot of bullets will miss... so you can beat more points out of that enemy. The strings of bosses spew elaborate patterns of bullets. Getting these bullets within the white circle prompts your ship to fire back. Though the gameplay (and the bullet patterns, for that matter) will not be particularly new for those who have mastered rRootage, it is still a fun and simplistic way to spend some time for the rest of us mortals.
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Free Game 4kb (uploaded by The Classic Gamer)
Browser-Playable Free Java Game (works in IE browser) (uploaded by The Classic Gamer)

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