Spatial Fear: Prologue 1999
Cold... Dark... Alone. You have no memory of who or where you are. Smoke and noise assault your senses. Searching your surroundings, you discover you're aboard the Military/Science Deployment vessel GDU Antimatter Discharge. As your memory quickly recovers, you listen to the sounds of the ship. It creaks and moans as it slowly tumbles in a decaying orbit. You play as a female Science Officer aboard a General Deployment Unit, the Antimatter Discharge. Your duty was to assist in deploying a man-made wormhole device in orbit around a moon in a distant star system, thus completing an intricate network of jump-points. But something's not right. No one seems to be alive. The ship is on emergency power. And the distant noises you hear are not human... Spatial Fear has an incredible amount of new features ranging from NPC conversations to vehicles. An action performed in one level can also directly influence the course in another level. This mod has a creepy System Shock 2 feel to it.

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