Strayfire Gradient Studios 2002

This is a stunningly beautiful arcade game that takes classic 2D scrolling shoot-em-up action into the 3rd dimension. You'll enjoy loads of firepower, hordes of alien enemies to blast, and tons of amazing special effects. It's the kind of game you'll love to play as a stress reliever... you'll be amazed at just how much action can be packed onto a single screen - bullets flying everywhere. One of the coolest elements in this is the creative use of shields. You can turn your shields on or off whenever you want, but they gradually drain as you use them. As you might expect, shields offer complete protection against enemy ships and bullets. But there's an interesting twist - while your shields are up, you can ram into other enemy ships to damage them... so your shields actually become a powerful new weapon at your disposal. This makes the gameplay very interesting and unique for a shooter game - a big part of the game involves mastering the balanced use of shields both for offensive and defensive maneuvers.
Full Demo 11MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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