Xidia Gold 1999
This has a new story and enviroment and some innovative new features in both gameplay as in grapichs and enviroment. It includes the original and allready released, but fixed up "Xidia", and the new expansion pack for it, "Xidia: The escape", which includes 9 new maps for total of 17 maps (around the same as Unreal: RTNP had), leading you through Military Outposts, Underground Mining Caverans, Derelict Spaces Crafts and more. It Includes a brief intro map and extro movie sequence, and a complete story - be ready to get sucked into a rapidly growing plot. It has new features and code, some new enemies, some new weapons, new HUD, multiple Bosses showdowns throughout the 17 maps, and you can interact with new characters and creatures.
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