Transbot HD Kristian Hawkinson / Retro Game Geeks 2018

Back in 1985 Sega released a game that would eventually go on to be completely ignored by almost everyone. With a concept to try and cash-in on the then huge popularity of 'The Transformers' and arcade games it would be one of the initial batch of titles released for the Master System and part of the small print run of games to be released on small plastic cards instead of just on cart. Decades later several like minded souls would unite under this banner of under appreciated gem in order to both create the internet's greatest retro site using it's central character as its mascot and supreme overlord and to bring it back for a new audience to discover. Now 3 times its original size and with more Easter Eggs than a sweet shop, this is a glorious PC remake. It seemed like things were finally starting to get back together after the Nuclear War of the solar year 2,000. People had emerged from their underground shelters. They built new towns, new forms of transportation. An all new society. But something has gone wrong. DALAUS, an artificial intelligence computer left over the now defunct regime is creating a dictorial empire. DALAUS is already gaining control control of one city - and it's rumoured that many of the guards are actually working for DALAUS. The only thing that can stop this treacherous takeover is the new CA-214, a sophisticated transforming combat astro-plane. The only person who can pilot this high-performance machine... is YOU. You'll have to destroy the enemy's ARM CARRIER. Then try to find DALAUS's hidden fortress and then destroy ELGRAMZON to rid the Earth of this evil influence forever. So Then... What's The Mission? Collect keys to open up the enemies base's then fight the guardian inside. Destroy the Arm Carrier's in order to obtain more powerful weapons with which to destroy your foes and secure freedom for the planet. Defeat waves of enemies who will stop at nothing to end you and who will fight hard to keep hold of the keys you need to complete your mission.
Free Game 73MB (uploaded by Official Site)
Free Game ( provided by starlord & upped by Scaryfun) 73MB

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