Super Mario Untold Stories EM Productions 2019

This is a Mario-based 2D platformer featuring some gameplay mechanics that don't exist in any previous Mario platformer games, such as shooting and action mechanics. The game also features some hardcore levels for hardcore platformer fans. After princess peach refuses both Mario and Bowser, the two make peace and eventually become friends. now there is peace all over the mushroom kingdom. everyone is happy, except Larry, one of Bowser's children. He doesn't like the new kind and happy bowser, and he blames Mario for this. He decides to take revenge, but he knows he can not mess around with Mario. so he decides to kidnap Luigi as a revenge. He assembles a group of Koopas and goombas and as a sign of his great love for the godfather and mafia stories, he arms them with guns and hats. They finally kidnap Luigi and now it is time for Mario to rescue his brother. he picks up his old rusty pistol, wears his brown coat and his old Italian hat and hits the road. The game supports two distinct input modes: mouse and keyboard mode & game pad mode. You can toggle between the two mode within the game in the game settings. The bindings for game pad mode is set up based on Xbox One controller for pc and if you use another controller you will probably need to setup game pad input manually and based on your own controller.
Level Demo 168MB (uploaded by
Level Demo 168MB (uploaded by Delacroix)

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