Storm Gear Storm Project 2011

This is a free Japanese 2D shooter with sprites that seem to come out of the cartridges of the old NEO GEO but also processed by the amazing integrated circuits hidden inside the PC-ENGINE. In a nutshell “not very easy but fabulous”. If you like throwing yourself headlong into hordes of alien enemies, you shouldn't waste any more time: the game has five areas to clean up. Parallax levels will enchant you with their retro graphics as you move quickly to try and collect that damned bouncing power-up that seems to have every intention of escaping you. A gameplay that will catapult you into a stellar war with no holds barred, inside alien fortresses repeated as a pattern in computer graphics with enemies able to frame the hull of your ship in a nanosecond just to vomit you against an authentic rain of fire. Difficult but not impossible and indeed, rather gratifying for fans of vertical scrolling shooters from the 80s: it will quench your thirst for arcade action, even allowing you to select at your will that cursed level that you have not yet passed. PS: The launch interface of the game is entirely in Japanese: to change video resolution click on the second rectangular button at the top,
Free Game v1.21 23MB (uploaded by Freem!)
Free Game v1.21 ( provided by starlord & upped by Scaryfun) 23MB

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