Anaru Dansyaku: Galaxy Hero Another Episode Artesneit / Akira Hut Original 2005

After Galaxy Hero, this is the continuation of that game inspired by the Aleste series. The gameplay completely takes over with a multiple shot which increases when we collect the "P" items. For the rest, it's extreme dodging and positioning. The graphics are much better, the soundtrack has also been reworked, which gives in the end some good work. So, it’s well done, but the game suffers from one major flaw: its difficulty. OK, this is freeware, so there is no risk of dropping the profits by making a rather off-putting game, but here it is demonic. From the start, we are confronted with gigantic patterns, bursts of well-directed and ultra-rapid shots. And where we could store lives in the first Galaxy Hero, which made it all in all quite playable despite the shots, here, it's no longer possible, the game offers no extend. It is therefore a question of surviving as long as possible, and this only at endurance, under a deluge of heavy fire, speed, downright monstrous. A very difficult, even dismaying, game to test for the most hardcore of us. It's up to you, the game is beautiful and well put together, but this absurd difficulty is likely to encourage you to go and see other amateur productions.
Free Game 2MB (uploaded by Official Site)

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