Division 2, The: Tom Clancy's - Warlords of New York Massive Entertainment, Ubisoft Massive / Ubisoft 2020

This an add-on to Tom Clancy's The Division 2 which tells the story of how humanity is coping with an epidemic of a dangerous virus that has decimated the population. The expansion introduces a completely new scenario and location - New York. The DLC also offers improvements in character development. We move to New York, where we encounter the dangerous Aaron Keener - a former Division agent who abandoned his former ideals and decided to use his skills to take control of one of the city districts ( Lower Manhattan). It offers a completely new open location, which we explore in the same way as the areas known from the basic game. During the game, we fight enemies, complete tasks, and collect various equipment (the DLC introduces a lot of new items). The developers also decided to completely redesign the mechanics responsible for character development. In addition, the maximum experience level has been increased to 40.
Download: None currently available

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