Jirosum Logan Ames 2009

Funny 2D horizontal shooter. You can absorb energy from enemies with different numeric values up to a set limit, then fire. You have to be careful because any leftover value will turn into negative energy and starts to chase after you. A one level prototype that showcases a rather brilliant concept for a shooter. Enemies have a numerical value displayed on their face. You can absorb enemies into your spinning plus sign and shoot the sum back at other enemies. The shot travels as a negative number, destroying as many enemies as the value totals. For example, fire off a 3 shot and you can take out three 1 enemies, a 2 enemy and a 1 enemy, or a 3 enemy. Leftover values come back to haunt you, however, so try and time your shots to dissipate with a perfect zero sum. An entry in the TIGSource competition.
Free Game 4.3MB (uploaded by fullgames.sk)

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