Venus 1997
Some time ago, the bravest of the earthlings, decided to stop the continuous development of the Stroggs. They did even much, but a few years later, the Stroggs have reborn and are prepared to attack the Earth again. Unexpectedly, evil forces skipped Mercury and immediately went on the expansion of Venus. The Stroggs occupied nearly 25% of the Venus planet, in a short time. The Earth, afraid of a cruel attack, launched intense actions that are to seek to infiltrate all lands occupied by the forces of evil. Stroggs don't sleep, they can always threaten the human planet. Fortunately, there are many people who calmly want to join a company of daredevils ready to clean Venus from the traces of Stroggs. New features: Elite and Badass Warriors - elite entities have three times larger amount of hit points than normally, badass monsters have even six times larger of HP than usually. Of course, elite monsters have been seen by yours earlier. First contact with them, you have during battle of Super Tank in Outer Nav Lobby (nearby of Unit 2&3 link). Extended Ammo Packs - some of packs containing cells, bullets, flechettes etc. may give a player much more ammo than usually. The model of them hasn't changed. Secret Files - these secrets contain useful info about Stroggs. They don't be counted like normal secrets. The mappack contains the essentials from two official mission packs ("The Reckoning" and "Ground Zero") and Lazarus mod. Additional sounds have been created in Podium Free (by Zynewave).
Download 28MB (uploaded by ModDB)

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