Temelin Oksoft 2001

This is a virtual shooting gallery hailing from the Czech Republic, dedicated, like many games of this genre, to current political and social events. If the reason for the appearance in 2001 of a myriad of virtual shooting galleries on the topic of shooting terrorists with Bin Laden at the head is clear to everyone, then in the case of this game, clarifications are needed. So, Temelín is a village in the Czech Republic, near which, after more than 20 years of construction, a nuclear power plant was commissioned. Naturally, such an event split the nearby community into two camps: supporters of the power plant and opponents. And just at that time, OKSoft amateur craftsmen created an urgent virtual shooting gallery. We have to take the side of supporters of the power plant and not allow opponents to sabotage it. The background for all levels is the same - that same power plant. In the center there are gates to the territory, to which saboteurs should not be allowed. The main difficulty is that ordinary residents pass by the station in huge numbers, the killing of which is punishable by a fine in time, which is limited here. At some levels, such as the third, time is intentionally given so much that it is definitely not enough, and instead of residents there are crowds of scientists. Here you will have to not only shoot saboteurs, but also launch scientists into the gates, opening them by holding the right mouse button. In general, the authors managed to diversify the gameplay of such a seemingly dead-end genre as a virtual shooting gallery. The graphics are amateurish, but enough is enough to create a great atmosphere. There is no sound. But there are passwords to the levels, so you do not have to go through each time again. If you like virtual shooting ranges, be sure to take it for yourself - the interesting origin and themes of Temelín make it a unique game.
Free Game 115kb (uploaded by Old-Games.ru)

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