Red Forces Nerlaska 2008

Remake of the classic arcade game Rush'n Attack (Green Beret in Europe and Japan) from Konami, which retains the original gameplay, but adds enhanced 3D graphics, a new soundtrack and renewed sound effects. SerJev KolsKay, a former commander of the Kremlin, wants to use all his power to charge against Capitalism through a large-scale terrorist attack. The veteran green beret Gooseman Brown has been sent to his training camp to neutralize the Soviet threat, find SerJev and detain him to be taken before the International Court. You will have to go through four areas to reach the SerJev headquarters: the bridge area, the loading dock, the hangars and the bunker area. You will fight against enemy hordes of different preparation: from private soldiers to commanders, through fearsome Russian karateka and enemies with weapons of different types. Apart from your faithful war knife, during the crossing you can count on the support of flamethrowers, bazookas or grenades. Reach the various end of phase quotas. And, above all, soldier, come back alive.
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