Lumiette Biggest Boss 2018

Early Access Release This is a single player twin stick bullet hell-styled arcade shoot em' up (shmup) themed around achieving one's dreams through resolve. The game uses twin-stick controls similar to Gunroar by ABA Games, but restricts aiming to a cone above the player as they shoot, fly, and dodge through vertically focused stages inspired by legendary developers like CAVE and Team Shanghai Alice. Even though the on-screen input prompts use Xbox button icons in its current stage of development, Lumiette supports a number of different controllers. It was designed to be played with a controller as the primary experience. Pausing during gameplay by pressing the Start button on a controller or the Esc key on a keyboard will display reminders on how the controls work. It is important to note that the reminders here will display the default controls shown above and not reflect any changes made to the controls in the Settings panel. The Terminal located in the Player's Apartment gives access to the Tipster's Blog, which contains more advanced tips and tricks you can use to improve your survival and scoring potential. It's currently in early stages of development, and plans are in place to implement four stages, an additional extra stage that needs to be unlocked, and a handful of cosmetics that can only be purchased with points earned in game.
Level Demo v0.26a 113MB (uploaded by

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