San Kan Oh! Mobile Batter Studio Justice / Clover 2000

To the delight of shmup and baseball aficionados, this strange alliance which can, at first glance, be... jaw dropping. San Kan offers us to take a seat aboard a big Japanese mecha whose portrait is reminiscent of... Go look yourself, a choco BN is the key (clue - the name of the game even refers to it). The engine is comparable to titles made in Twinkle Soft like Excess Fraction or the most popular Rally Raid. The same goes for the graphics: nothing superb but it holds water and they even have a little charm in a “toy-style” way. So far nothing incredible except that as the name suggests your robot is a mobile batter. Clearly at any time in the game you can draw a baseball bat and return the shots to their senders which is absolutely enjoyable. Enemies appear on the screen and you can strike back and clear the way of the game space, in order to quietly make your way. The whole is of good quality with a difficulty sometimes very noted.
Free Game v1.3 755kb (uploaded by Vector)

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