Parallax Georg Rottensteiner 2008

This game is a freeware remake of Parallax which was originally made by Sensible Software for Commodore 64 in 1986. Instead of the original's top-down view, this remake has full 3D graphics. It was an entry for the Remake Competition 2008 in category 1. Returning from your rescue mission (the original game) you approach space station ISC 74. But something is wrong. Receiving no answer on your call you suddenly get shot down and crash land. From there on it's up to you to figure out what happened. You need to run around on the platforms, enter buildings, read terminals, find key cards, go shopping with cashcards, fly to otherwise unreachable places and explore. Beware though, the defense installations seem to detect you as enemy. The station is divided in several sectors, to access another sector you need to open the sector gates. This can be done via a gate access terminal, but those are usually password protected. Read diaries and follow the trace to where all the people went. It might be a good idea to collect cash cards and enhance your gun and ship shield at several shops. But you need to find an ATM before. All the controls are reconfigurable. In walk mode use the mouse to turn and per default the WASD keys. The left mouse button fires your trusty gun. To enter the space ship walk into it and press X. In flight mode use the mouse to turn left/right and up/down. Use W/S to accelerate/slow down. To land you need to find a flat space of at least 4 squares, go very slow and be in an almost upright position. The ship will then land automatically.
Free Game 14.8MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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