End of The Game Game, The Weezer, Jason Oda 2020

Alternative rock band Weezer's new album Van Weezer is an homage to metal bands especially Van Halen. "The End of the Game" is the first music single and has also spawned this browser-friendly game of the same name to promote the track. The free-to-play project is a team-up with Jason Oda, who’s responsible for other music-adjacent works like Emogame and Skrillex Quest. The quasi-shoot 'em up is an ode to the boss levels that are notoriously impossible to beat. The music isn’t exactly 8bit-ified, but there’s plenty of meta-references to their discography. Ahead of the final (and only) boss, you instantly level-up as band-related memes flash before your eyes. Among the assortment of flying 1Ups, there’s a familiar can of “Pork and Beans.” When you inevitably reach the game-over screen of this “unbeatable” side-scroller, the text reads: “You died, say it ain’t so.” Meanwhile, the song itself gets self-referential, as frontman Rivers Cuomo contradicts Weezer’s 2001 hit, “Island in the Sun,” with this line: “I’m on an island with no sun.” The song features at least 100 guitars. You can shoot lasers at a beanie-adorned alien while listening to “The End of the Game”.
Browser-Playable Free Game (uploaded by Official Site)

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