TAGAP 3: The Apocalyptic Game About Penguins 3 Penguin Development Team 2017

This is the third entry in the free game series. This time the series hero, cybernetic battle-penguin Pablo, finds himself in the middle of a space penguin invasion. See, Pluto's penguins didn't take too kindly to the stripping of their home planet's planetary rank and have declared a war. Seeing Pablo as a potential threat to their plans, these space penguins abduct and imprison him. Stranded on an alien world, the player (as Pablo) has to figure out how to escape and save the world - or two. The game is 2D action-platfomer-shooter hybrid, controlled either by moving with keyboard and aiming with the mouse, or by dual-stick controls of a gamepad. In the game players shoot their way through the different departments of Pluto, defeating the sinister department heads and uncovering the Pluto's secrets and funky plot twists in the process. In addition to the sci-fi arsenal - including smartguns, sound-wave-weaponising Thereminiser and scrap-collecting Scrapgun - Pablo can utilize various gadgets, from grenades and nanoshields to the series' signature combat stimulant pills.
Free Game v1.8 410MB (uploaded by Official Site)

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