Maximum2 Legasysware 2018

A procedural vertical scrolling shooting game where different battle scenes appear each time you play. No two scenes are the same. Players must deal with different battle scenes each time, calmly and accurately. You drive the latest fighter, the Maximum Star 2, fighting against your unrivaled enemy, Disaster, using beam shots and sabers, and the newly added Max Army Max Smasher. The further you go, the more enemy characters that will launch tricky and powerful attacks. Can you really break through all six stages of fantasy? In this game it is important not only to shoot down the enemy, but also to prevent the enemy bullets with pods and savers. When the battery is exhausted due to an impact, you can recover the shielded battery by rolling charge or docking with a tanker that is an ally. Don't give up, play as many times as you want. The body remembers manners on the battlefield. The road will eventually open.
Level Demo 42.6MB (uploaded by Syake Rake)

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