Pacifish [J] Compile 1997

A mouse gun shooting game from Disc Station 3 based on a Japanese comic book. It may seem difficult, but it is a fairly well-made game. The story is about a robot and a ship in a robotic organization that harms humans, and fights against the members of the organization who are chasing and escaping the organization. It has five stages. Weapons include guided missiles, machine guns, and satellite laser guns . To use, select the weapon with the mouse click & keyboard number keys, then right-click. Difficulty can be said to be difficult... The range of allies is very wide. Even if the ship is shot, the stamina is reduced. You control a kind of robot-gun, which, standing on the deck of a wooden ship, must shoot the fish emerging from the water: first jumping harmless fish, and soon real sea monsters. At the same time, bonuses periodically appear behind the back of the robot to replenish its armor (red scale) and powerful ammunition (yellow scale), while conventional ammunition (rockets) are also not infinite, but replenished.
Korean ISO Demo 6.56MB (uploaded by

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