Virtuelle Moorhuhn Jagd Art Department Werbeagentur GmbH, Witan Entertainment BV / V und B Werbeagentur, Phenomedia 1998

The is a German shooting game originally created for an advertisement campaign for the Johnnie Walker whiskey brand. It is the first game in the Moorhuhn series. During the campaign, agency employees wearing hunter clothes visited various pubs, carrying laptops on which the game could be played by pub customers. The game was never meant for public distribution; however, the game leaked onto the Internet somehow and in summer 1999, the V und B agency became aware that the game was being offered for download in various places. At first the agency did not like the idea of the game being distributed outside their control, but after seeing its immense popularity, V und B officially made the game available for download in the beginning of 2000. The player has 90 seconds to gain as many point as possible by shooting down the "Moorhuhn" (willow ptarmigans) birds with the left mouse button. The player's rifle holds eight shells and must be reloaded with a right-click after eight shots. Moorhuhns fly past the screen in the background, with more distant birds worth more points. Bonus points (or penalties) can be gained for shooting various other targets, that is the scarecrow's hat, the windmill blades, the signpost, or a passing balloon. After the time is up, the game shows the player's score. A boxed cd-rom version titled Die Original Moorhuhnjagd was released in May/2000 which in addition to the unchanged game includes: Two training levels where the player shoots at cardboard cut-outs; Background information about the development of Virtuelle Moorhuhn Jagd and Moorhuhn 2; A screensaver and a poster.

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included in Moorhuhn: Die ersten 10 Jahre - German DVD ISO Demo 2.34GB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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