Koronis Rift Georg Rottensteiner 2006

You play as a techno scavenger in the year 2049, exploring the Koronis Rift, in one of Lucasfilms earliest games, initially released in 1985 on Commodore 64 and other computers but not on PC. After 3 months of hard labour this fan-made remake for the Retro Remakes Competition 2006 was released. On your way through the galaxy you stumble upon the legendary planet Koronis. This planet was used by the ancient people as experimenting ground for technology. These technological modules are incredibly valuable. And you seem to have found the main resort At once you let Psytek prepare the rover and beam down onto the radioactive wasteland of Koronis. Too bad that the automatic defense system is still alive and active... Use your courage and wit, gather as many modules as possible, enhance your rover with them and destroy the defense system. The Ancients abandoned the planet, leaving behind many different artifacts and ships, which you can loot. Send your droid to retrieve modules and try to figure out what the ancient technology is for. It could be batteries, shields or even weapons, to help you fight the trigger-happy saucers that want you dead. The game used fractal graphics, the terrain is vast and detailed, and the story behind it is quite complex, considering the type of game.
Free Game 10.3MB (uploaded by Official Site)

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