Crucible Amazon Game Studios /, Inc. 2020

An action game focused on online gameplay, enriched with survival elements. This is the first game developed by Amazon Game Studios. Players find themselves in a dangerous alien world, and during dynamic gameplay they can form and break alliances. We find ourselves in a dangerous, alien world. The game starts with the creation of the character, deciding on their gender and appearance, as well as on the skills that we will use on the battlefield. The aspect that distinguishes this title from similar games is the ability to create and break alliances with other players. Competitors must therefore be on guard, constantly monitoring the behaviour of their partners. What is interesting, each game is supervised by a kind of game master, who launches various attractions for people observing the game. Like other games done by this studio, it's designed for streaming on Twitch. The game was shut down Nov 9th of same year.
Download: None currently available

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