Smokin' Guns: Shooting Gallery Twin Dolphin Games Inc. 1993

The game represents a shooting gallery with six scenes, each with a different guns and targets: a total of 36 guns and over 100 targets. The scenes represent: 1) Gangsterland. You as a law defender take on the crime lord and clear the streets of his filth. 2) House on the Hill. You survive through a night at haunted house or become a permanent resident. 3) County Fair. You visit a county fair and try to score as much bounties as possible. 4) Neptune Six. You defend the control room against renegade android raiders. 5) Silicon Gulch. You siege a Wild West town to get rid of bandits. 6) Terminal Flight. You rescue the hostages in airplane full of terrorists. The events of the game occur on static screen, where you should shoot as much enemies appearing in certain places as possible. Innocent people should not be touched. Time is flown, ammo should be reloaded, and points are gained for successful actions. Top Scores are stored for each scene separately.
Full Demo 1.9MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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