85-doeeussuda! Ppashya Ppashya / Object Square 1994

This is a fan-made parody of Konami's Parodius games (which were in themselves parodies of the Gradius shooters). The reason for the title is because Dr. Hal, the main character, is 85 years old. It is also because the pronunciation is similar to 'Parodian'. Initially it became an unfinished game that became a space mia when clearing Stage 1 Boss due to loss of source during production. In the second episode made in 1997, Sakje-doiutsuda!100K special, it was a work that participated in the 100k contest of the Hightel Game Production Club. To meet the 100k capacity limit, too many parts were 'deleted' and even the title was deleted. It was the winner of the 100k Competition. It even used the 'title screen' as a 4 stage boss. It is a game that allows two players to play simultaneously, 1P is Dr. Hal, 2P is Dr. Hal's granddaughter 'Oxygen'. It's a parody game, so it's worth seeing the producers, the main character, and the ambassadors of the villain boss 'Salmosa'. Salmosa is a parody of Dr. Venom ( the villain of the story after Gradius 2 and Moai is turned into Dolharbang. Even if you can't give it the title of Korea's first PC game, you can ignore the achievements made at that time of "first Korean game that looks like a real game", which showed a high degree of completeness by incorporating the proper gag elements, parody, and sound effects. Being one of the "first pioneers" that must not be forgotten by Korean game companies, this game is worth respecting.
Sakje-doiutsuda!100K special - Full Demo 450kb (uploaded by Macsplex)
Korean Free Game 223kb (uploaded by oldgamebox)

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