Sunrise 3D / Dokdo Defense Battalion Ainix Games 2001

In this free game, you must prevent the Japanese invasion of Dokdo in a flight shooting game. Fighters are the latest fighter jets known at the time. You can fly the F-14, F-117, Su-27, and Mirage 2000, and there are subtle performance differences. You can think of Tomcat as a tanker, Nighthawk as a sniper, Planker as a momentary dealer, and Mirage as an attacker. Note that stealth is not implemented in this game, so don't be too excited while driving the nighthawk. After selecting the aircraft, you can see the mission briefing. Boldly, the dignity of Japan, leading up to ships and escorts, and preemptively strikes ... Anyway, the player only needs to catch the goals set in the briefing. It's called a goal, but you can think of it as a boss. You don't have to click on the green window that says NEXT, just left click to skip. The location of the boss-class enemy to be killed is displayed on the radar screen, and the enemy fighter appears after a certain time. The Tomcat used now has a variable wing feature. The operation method is to move with the arrow keys (not WASD), Z to fire the gun, and X to fire the missile. Altitude is not implemented ... There is a concept of altitude rather than that, but the player cannot manipulate it. In other words, it is apparently 3D, but actually 2.5D. Occasionally you can even hear the chattering of allies. After the mission, there is a human dialogue to drink in, and there is also a meaningless English dialogue. These allies are quite competent, unlike allied units that appear in this kind of game, so they often break bosses without the player knowing, and in easy difficulty, they almost always win a 1: 1 with the bandits. Air combat with enemy fighters is easy if you make good use of the dogfight principles and cobra maneuvers. Try to catch the tail of the enemy fighter as much as possible, and if the enemy catches my tail, reverse it so that the enemy outpaces me, cut the blood with a gun and finish with a missile. The main enemies mentioned in the mission briefing are capable of making daughter skins with a gun, but they can never be broken. So, the finish must be done with a missile. The main feature of this game battle is that when you shoot a missile, you lose its durability, and when you shoot a gun, you cannot recover it. For this reason, do not use a gun in situations where you are attacked by an enemy, and it is better to use missiles only when they are really important. Missile-tolerant endurance is subdued, and players will be more likely to use guns than missiles. As a side note, the gun's effect is very similar to the tie fighter's laser. This is because the armament is related to the durability, and if the enemy is severely attacked, the missile starts to become a feeder, and the overall functions such as guns and turns are paralyzed. So getting out of enemy fire is just as important as attacking the enemy. Fortunately, the falling durability is automatic recovery, as mentioned earlier. Destroy the boss to clear the stage. The boss is made up of several parts, and if they are neutralized, they are destroyed. The first target, the Aegis, is to destroy 2 missiles, 2 guns and 1 radar. The second mission is to catch a fictional bomber called JB-16, a rare enemy who shoots missiles with a rear gun on the subject of a bomber. Even bosses of this type can be shot down if they are destroyed. There is no attack judgment itself except for destructible parts. The bomber shot is the most impressive shot I've seen in this game. The altitude is lowered, and it is worth seeing it crashing on the ground as it is. From Mission 3, something SF-like battles follow. Singleplayer levels: ARCADE GAME is written in red on the first window of the game. Right-click and type ARCADE to unlock. As the name suggests, This is a classic 1945-style classic shooting game mode. It's quite perfect for hidden games, and if you're unfamiliar with these games, it's quite difficult. Even the boss turns into 2D. If you increase the difficulty level, you can see that the volume of the game is bigger than you think.
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