Cybernoid II RetroSpec 2002

This freeware remake of Cybernoid II: The Revenge upgrades the original with new graphics and sounds, while maintaining the same gameplay from the C64/ZX Specturm game from 1988. In what is essentially a shooter, the player controls a small spaceship navigating the many rooms of a pirate battle station to retrieve some stolen cargo. Each screen has several enemies and obstacles that must be negotiated before moving to the next scene. The ship carries a varied arsenal of rockets, time bombs, temporary shields, bouncing mines, heat-seeking missiles, and other weapons like smart bombs that destroy most enemies on the room, and the tracer that drops from the ship and follows the edge of the screen killing all the foes in its way. The need to select the appropriate power for each situation adds a tactical element to the otherwise fast-paced action.
Free Game v1001 6.7MB (uploaded by Official Site)

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