Space Mercenary GryphonWare Games 2006

Beautiful space shooter created by Giampiero Rosi and Lorenzo Giorgieri. An adventure that will see us as a mercenary hired by the Galactic Empire to clean up several planets from an alien invasion. The very essence of 2D shooters beautifully represented through a graphic engine with a totally three-dimensional view from above. Available in any video resolution, it will test our reflexes by launching us on the surface of different worlds infested with hordes of aliens. During the battle we will of course be able to collect various bonuses and power-ups useful to instantly enhance the characteristics of our ship, to shoot we will use the space bar (primary weapon) and CTRL right (secondary weapon) while the cursor keys are used to move the spacecraft (the fire buttons are however configurable). Defeated the boss at the end of the level we will return to the options screen where we can change ships in the Space Shop before embarking on the next mission. The version currently downloadable from the authors' website is perfectly compatible with current operating systems and contains a detailed color manual in pdf format. The texts within the game can be configured both in Italian and in English.
Free Game v1.1.5 16MB (uploaded by Official Site)

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