Star Prince MyPlayCity 2010

This is a colorful two-dimensional shooter with excellent cartoon-style graphics. The prince of the stars is walking hand in hand with his beloved on his beautiful lush planet but when he goes away for a moment to collect a bouquet of fragrant flowers to give to his beloved here comes the manigoldo on duty and takes it away from him. Now some of you might think: well, if there are seven princesses for each prince what sense does it make to run to get the spaceship to try to save it? Well, he decides to do so and here he is then immersed in a furious horizontal scrolling battle ready to destroy as many flying snails as possible. Unfortunately, if the Star Prince graphics make a good impression (the game runs only in full screen in 1024x768 in a very fluid way) the same cannot be said of the general gameplay. The game automatically saves our position and offers a good number of levels the problem is that the AI ​​of the enemies is practically non-existent. Not that who knows what artificial intelligence is necessary for a two-dimensional shooter but here the enemy hordes will pour against us following patterns that are sometimes rather predictable and without creating too many problems for the player. It only becomes difficult when there are so many objects on the screen that we will struggle to follow the position of our ship.
Ad-Supported Free Game 27MB (uploaded by iDownGames)

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