Outburst Have A Byte 2020

This is a dynamic multiplayer Top-Down game where you can choose a hero and fight with your friends in one of many diverse locations. Characters from different worlds. Play as Assassin, Necro, Wizard, Dude From Forest, Elemental Anomaly, Farm Hero and many more! Each has its own skills and abilities. Whether you prefer to play tricks on people as Phantasm or destroy everything around you as Lava Golem - it's all here. Destroy everything and everyone in your sight to win a Deathmatch. Team up with your buddies and fight the enemy team in Team Deathmatch. Enter Arena to become the best gladiator and be on the top of the rankings. Gain experience and improve your statistics with each game to obtain new badges. Start from Wooden Badge and work your way up to Warlord to show your enemies your true power. Collect many achievements as you play - whether it's for number of kills or being a berserker - and become the true hero of Outburst.
Steam Free Game (uploaded by Steam)

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