Phantom: Covert Ops nDreams / Oculus Studios 2020

An action game enriched with sneaky elements, created for VR, in which we play the role of an agent infiltrating the former Soviet military base. We move in a kayak and eliminate opponents, performing various tasks to prevent the outbreak of conflict. The action takes place overnight in 1991. The main character of the game is the title Phantom, which is a secret agent trained for special tasks. Its task is to infiltrate the former Soviet military base, located on the swamp coast of the Black Sea, and to neutralise the threat that could lead to the outbreak of another major conflict. The game is divided into missions, and during their execution the hero does not leave the military kayak allowing you to travel through the wetlands surrounding the enemy base. We are disturbed by numerous opponents who we can deal with in various ways. While there's nothing to stop you from getting into an open firefight, a much better solution is to eliminate enemies from a safe distance (with a sniper rifle), set "explosive" traps on them, or hide in tall bushes and kill by surprise.
Download: None currently available

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