Cerberon Plaguemaker 1997
This map was made by someone who's played the game for over 20 years, and as such, will for any player expect a similar familiarity with the game's mechanics. Them thar dirty Stroggs have started developing A NEW VIRUS that is set to be unleashed upon EARTH. It is up to you, the unrelenting SPESMUHREEN, to STOP this endeavour, and bring back JUSTICE, and PEACE, to the galacksea. As this is one of the most "ambitious" singleplayer maps of Quake 2, it will not run in almost any client available. A lot of compromises have been made just to make it work. including limiting enemy types, sounds, brushes, and others. A smooth playthrough is NOT guaranteed. So far only these are "O.K.": Version 3.24, Quake 2 Pro, Yamagi.
Download 3.43MB (uploaded by ModDB)

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