Smaze Ludoko Studios 2008

This is a 2D demake of Playstation first person shooter Haze. Smaze, being a typical Commando-like overhead shooter, makes use of Haze's gameplay mechanics involving "Nectar" - special drug which controls soldiers' minds. Leaving original aside, in Smaze Nectar is called venom and using it can cause various effects to your character - heal him, make him run faster (but shoot slower), make him run slower but do more damage or increase perception (useful for discovering hidden items). Apart from venom your character has unlimited supply of ammo and grenades and can shoot in eight directions. Game is divided into levels, but there are no save slots of any sort, so once you die adventure starts from the beginning. The game contains 9 levels (3 worlds, each 2 levels + boss level).
Free Game 16.4MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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