Postal 2: Revenge 2003

This mod is for requires POSTAL 2 Complete (GOG or Steam version). Great cooperative mode with absolutely new storyline. The most worthy, alternative ending to the life and drama of the Postal Dude, served in a parody-humorous style. Five half-linear large maps for exploration, full of interactive things, sledding bears, cars, unique NPCs (peaceful and agressive) and a lot of physical objects around in the game world. - SHARE THE PAIN again. The return of the good old multiplayer in the two most popular modes - Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch (another modes as Snatch can be returned too). 6 exclusive new maps for DM and TDM. Bonus: fully compatibility with any old custom maps. Rewritten netcode and shooting mechanic additions: completely new feelings during gameplay. Improved graphics - new environment 3d models, players and high-resolution textures. Own soundtrack - 4 completely new tracks that are played during the game, including the main menu, as well as several old tracks from the original Postal 2.
Download 805MB (uploaded by ModDB)

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