Black Skylands: Origins Hungry Couch Games / tinyBuild 2020

Prepare to set sail. Every great adventure starts from humble beginnings. Learn a story of a young Earner named Walter, a story of his long path to defeating the Kain's Falcons and rebuilding his Fathership. Here is what awaits you: Meet the main characters of the game - your friends, your family, and also the villains of the story. Take your ship for your first voyage and bond with her. Aerial navigation isn’t easy. The Sky is always hungry, so if you want to have a shot at surviving, your ship has to be your best friend. Study it, tame it, be one with it. Craft and use various weapons and attachments. Love customizing your loadouts? Black Skylands has got your covered. Take SMG, for example: you'll be able to equip 4 different SMG mods at once, with around 50 mods available in total. Some of the mods drastically change the way a gun behaves. Gather resources, build your first farm and grow your first crops. You’re an Earner, which means you’re an equally competent builder, farmer, and pilot. Never let your farms stand idle. And remember: The Sky is always hungry.
Steam Free Game (uploaded by Steam)

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