Mercenary Sniper Ismo Horppu 1998

This is a Finnish free virtual shooting gallery, aimed primarily at serious players in the sense that there will not be a bloody meat grinder, but there will be ammunition management and many subtleties associated with it. Yes, and complexity will not allow you to lead a perky firing on everything that moves. The whole plot is that we play as a hired sniper who must kill all the enemy soldiers. The game has ten levels that take place in different terrain, and some even at night. At the levels, in addition to the usual enemy military, there can be convoys of cars, bunkers, prisoners (which cannot be killed), and much more. Unlike the vast majority of games where each new level begins with a full scale of health, here there is no such luxury. To recover, you must visit the hospital and pay money. The cartridges are not endless, moreover - they also have to buy in the store. There you can buy other weapons. However, before that you have to sell the old - you can’t wear more than one. Finally, a large number of different things are available for sale: four types of sights, bipods and tripods that reduce recoil, a night vision device (for night missions), body armor and even silencers. All this not only directly affects the gameplay, but sometimes it is simply necessary. The first level seems simple, and all the troubles with purchases are unnecessary - but already from the second the game becomes really difficult. Already here you have to act accurately and quickly, because very soon, soldiers discover us and start firing, and only a few hits are enough for death. Most importantly, there is only one life. If we were killed, the game ends, and the result is entered in the high score table. Graphics for an amateur game is normal. Of course, the missions themselves could be better drawn, and the permission to choose more than 320x200 resolution would have been better. Still, where accuracy is needed, good detail would not hurt. There is sound accompaniment, moreover - there are a lot of sound settings, including for different types of iron of those times.
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