Dark Orbit WildTangent Inc. 2001

"This is the story of a survivor." is what Dark Orbit tells the player when starting the game before throwing him into the role of a young mining pilot, serving his duties at Nibiru, the tenth planet of the solar system. In the year 2150, this planet is the home of an ore called Mallidium, a resource that can be formed into almost any molecular structure and, thus, is in high demand. The miners on the planet, however, drilled too deep for the valuable rocks and awoke an unknown, aggressive alien force that is currently swarming the planet and killing everything in sight. While researching an abandoned mineral processing plant in his basic little mine skimmer, the young pilot is faced with the alien invasion and has only one goal from this point forward: survive and escape. This is a simple 3rd-person science fiction shooter. The player navigates his space ship through map after map, shooting every alien in sight with lasers and rockets, and advancing the story. Furthermore, collecting enough Mallidium is a necessity, as these ore can be used to feed resource recyclers. These devices can produce enhancements for the ship that are vital for surviving the enemy masses.
Full Demo 31MB (uploaded by MyAbandonware)

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