Mars City Security 2004

This puts heavy emphasis on cooperative and adversarial multiplayer, merging the fast and addictive gameplay of the predecessors (Doom1 & Doom2) with the enhanced Doom3 technology (optimized netcode for Online Internet & LAN networked multiplayer with improved idtech4 unified rendering). The “Campaign” PVE (Coop) gametype lets players play through default & custom created campaign missions with other players cooperatively. Experience community made custom maps with your friends that tell stories never before experienced in the Doom³ universe. The “DemonWars” PVE (Coop) gametype throws players right into the epic battle that broke out throughout the entire solar system after hell has been unleashed. Fight as a human with other players cooperatively against the hordes of hell trying to make a last stand for mankind. The PVP (Deathmatch) gametype lets players fight it out adversarially on a variety of arenas for the ultimate player versus player domination in “team” and “free for all” PVP multiplayer. It improves a bunch of features in Doom 3 like lighting, spark effects, sound effects, HD Resolutions, Widescreen support and shaders. Now Doom looks even more beautiful and has that Aliens feeling to it with all the lighting and HUD reflections.
Download v1.2.3.8 950MB (uploaded by ModDB)

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