StarFight V: Hell's Gate Jukka Paajanen / JP Productions 1999

This is a pure action title. Besides intensive action and enjoyable gameplay, it focuses on story delivery via short cutscenes and in-game dialogue. Features: Fast-paced, cinematic SciFi-story with Full Motion Video cut-sceces; Six different craft to fly, both solo and with wingmen; More than 18 different types of spacecraft in-game; 20 arcade missions (5 of which are available in the ShareWare version); Lots of graphical special effects (lens flares, bump mapping, transparent particles...); Interactive digital music track and multichannel sound effects; Runs very well even on an older computer (P120 or above). It was made for DOS but should run well in DOS emulation for newer o/s. Initially a shareware game, it was later made freeware.
Freeware Game with Music + Movie Addons 9+8+11MB (uploaded by Official Site)

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