Assault on Bullet Shell SGL-XYZ 2000

This free game created with VC ++ 6.0 takes once again the most classic scheme of shoot 'em up, spaceship, several upgradable shots, smart bomb, boss at the end of level, collecting bonuses to increase your score ... But everything is so well orchestrated that this aspect couldn't be more basic absolutely does not bother. The game is very correctly restored with its simple but neat graphics, its soundtrack without surprise but adapted to the action and interspersed with sound effects of very realistic explosions, the control is very instinctive (must say that the game is an excellent illustration from the famous triptych "shot / bomb / dodge") and the impression that emerges is that of a fast-paced and frenzied game like Thunder Force. The speed of movement is indeed one of the sine qua conditions not posed by this game. The intense shooting sequences are legion, the enemies arrive in ordered but always massive clusters, and the size of the projectiles with which they water you is often sufficiently imposing to force you to maneuver with speed and precision. Fortunately, you have fairly effective shots: a multiple shot that will roll on the walls, an unimpressive but powerful self-guided shot, a direct laser shot and a rather strange shot which, if it limits the range of your weapon of the moment , gives you a fairly long protection which will end with a broad attack but of low power. little advice: linking this protection bonus can be saving in places. The smart bomb consists of a wide and very powerful missile, useful for cleaning the screen or destroying bosses. These are always multiple (they have several versions) and their attacks are surprising and often deadly. Some of you will even recognize several winks, like the first level which is inspired by the level of the desert of Thunder Force IV , or even level 2 which will scroll you back, down, up, like the Rayxanber III cave. Please choose the one that suits you from 4 difficulty levels and play. Be sure to read "Operation.txt" to set the game speed.
Free Game ver2 6.2MB (uploaded by Vector)

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