Outbreak / Alien Outbreak Jaibo Software / Bee Games 2001

The game plays in the galaxy Galarion, where the races Tekkos, Kzeos, Insoid and Protorion live. Normally, they live in peace, but recently, a virus epidemic spread through the galaxy, infecting planetary system after planetary system. The virus makes the people insane, driving the peacefully galaxy in a chaotic war. Tekkos' scientists believe, that the only way to turn the galaxy back to normal, is to find and battle the source of the virus. They constructed an experimental starship, which you will fly. It's a classic top-down space shooter, where you battle enemy ships in 201 levels. Each level is only the current screen big, but filled with the plenty of enemies. Which will become more and more deadlier, the more you advance in the game. Weapons can't be found, nor can you buy something. But when you destroy an enemy ship, it will drop an energy unit. After collecting a certain amount of them, your weapon will be upgraded and you will resist more enemy fire. But being hit will drain the energy, even below the threshold where you weapon was upgraded. So you can loose your weapon upgrade. The 201 levels are split over all four civilizations, playing 50 per civilization (with unique enemy ships, weapons, and tactics). You encounter 9 bosses and the final boss. For destroying a ship, there is a chance that it drop a Power-Up, one of 6 different (increased strength, armor, and firing speed (both moving speed and re-load time); Invisibility; Dual-Fire-Mode (firing both primary and secondary weapons at the same time)). But remember, since this is a classic game, you must beat the whole game with your single life, there are no new lives, nor can you save or load.
Shareware Level Demo 3.3MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)
Full Demo 86MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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