Gunny Bunny NetTerminator 2003

This is a fun shooter where you play as a psycho bunny. At the start of the game, your first two victims are some bears, fishing at a river. After killing them both (There's no blood, by the way), some robotic mice will appear and try to take you down. You must kill all of the robotic mice to progress to the next area. To do this, you can use a multitude of weapons, ranging from a shotgun to an Uzi to a silenced pistol. You hold one gun in each hand, and you can fire each one separately. Your health is indicated in the top-left portion of the screen by carrots. Once all of these carrots are gone, you die. Along your quest to kill everything that moves, you'll find plenty of weapons carelessly strewn across the landscape. With the press of a key, you can pick these up and use them. The concept of dual-wielding weapons is a good one, if a bit unoriginal. It adds to the frantic, trigger-happy feel of the game. After killing robot after robot for about five minutes, you'll reach the end boss. To beat the end boss, you must constantly riddle him with bullets while picking up reappearing carrots and weapons. After you kill him, the game is over. The graphics are cel-shaded, and they fit the game nicely. Gunny Bunny++ (2005) In the sequel, you again play as a rabbit with two guns and fighting your way through: 2 police officers, lots of robot officers, lots of little helpless Guinea pigs, about 15 flying things, and 1 evil robot boss. You can either fire both guns at one target, or by pressing SPACE, you can split the your aim and get two different targets. The LEFT MOUSE BUTTON fires tour right gun, whereas the D key fires your right gun. Move the mouse to the top left, then middle bottom and then top right then finally middle bottom. This will make you slash, killing most enemies on screen. Pressing the RIGHT MOUSE BUTTON and then the LEFT MOUSE BUTTON will help as it will show the cursor.
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