Agony Ozan Temelli 2016

This is a horizontal scrolling shooter programmed by Art & Magic and published in 1992 by Psygnosis for the Amiga platform. In the game you will control the wizard Alestes, who in the form of an owl, will have to defeat the dark creatures of Acanthropsis. The game at the time caused quite a stir, thanks to the amazing cosmetics made up of stunning graphics and a beautiful soundtrack. It featured six long levels, all with detailed and mellow background graphics, aiming for a less hectic feel than contemporaries such as Project X. As a magician's apprentice, you have been turned into an owl to give you the best chance of destroying the many dark creatures to be faced, and thus discovering the secret of cosmic strength. These dark creatures include piranhas, giant ants and mosquitoes. Extra weapons and invincibility periods can be collected. The technical details include 3 layers of multi-directional parallax scrolling, background animation, and different title and in-game music. This was a prototype of the first level created in Unreal Engine 4 as a remake.
Alpha Prototype v0.1.0 360MB (uploaded by Gamejolt)
Amiga Emulated Version 8.7MB (uploaded by

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