New Jedi Order, The 1999

For the first time in fifty years, there is peace throughout the galaxy. The New Republic has finally established a stable government, and has made peace with the Empire. However, trouble is never far away... on two planets, civil war is being planned by a charismatic and mysterious firebrand, and on the edge of known space, a discovery is about to be made that will change the course of the galaxy forever. A new enemy is about to make themselves known, an enemy that will cause the Sith and the Empire to pale in significance. The fate of the galaxy will rest in your hands. As Bryon Tomri, an ex-Imperial pilot, you will have to face this new enemy on their terms, attempting to combat their lethal and bizarre technology. But even as you do this, you will have to deal with betrayal among your friends and enemies, and will discover that in this era of new unrest, you cannot trust anyone. Features: 5 Missions; 19 Skirmish Missions; 5 Cutscenes; Full Voice Cast; Voiced Briefings; New Music & E-mail. Originally 16 missions were planned for which a full 90-page script, all recorded dialogue and unused art is available.
Download + Voice Talent, Images and Documents 293MB+381MB+296MB+165kb (uploaded by Official Site)

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