Second Galaxy Zilong Game Limited 2019

This is an open world sci-fi game that combines RPG and SLG elements. It welcomes you to explore a universe of 4,961 galaxies, where you can navigate hundreds of different space ships across the stars to secure scarce resources, team up with players to form alliances, trade freely with any player on a global server, and engage in unrestricted, epic intergalactic battles with other players around the world. The universe beckons, Commander. This sea of stars is now yours to conquer. A Creative Vision of Future Human Civilization - Three thousand years in the future, mankind’s interstellar colonization has expanded to the Origin realm, known as the Second Galaxy, serving as the base-point of the Earthen’s journey to colonize the universe. Five unique nations, each with tenuous and twisting relations, cooperate and hold each other in check. In the vastness of space, different civilizations and motives have emerged to change the face of history. Fight for Rare Resources in 1,000-player Galactic Battles - Jump into ever-escalating colonial wars with players around the world. Resources are scarce, Commander... Secure the future of your chosen alliance and corporation in glorious battle with up to a thousand players engaged in simultaneous intergalactic warfare, and compose a stunning war epic all your own. Diversified Interstellar Ship Design - These five nations have also developed radically different spaceships, due to the vast differences in their levels of science & technology, design, and military ambitions. Astronomical & Hyperrealistic Game World - Using galaxy mapping technology, Second Galaxy’s universe boasts a diameter of a whopping 1,000 light-years and contains 4,961 galaxies containing countless features, such as planets, stars, satellites, gas entities, wormholes, and other celestial bodies and man-made facilities. Open World - Random Events Shape Your Fate. You can traverse wormholes and reach the unknown depths of the universe to encounter unexpected random events. Each player’s actions in the game world cause a "butterfly effect" on the cosmic ecology based on how they tackle different events. Global Real-time Dynamic Trading - All interactions in the game occur in real time on a global server. These interactions can range from making real-time dynamic transactions through neutral trading planets or underground black markets, or engaging in combat that directly leads to large-scale galactic warfare or cooperation throughout the server.
Steam Free Game (uploaded by Steam)

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