Enemy On Board Windwalk Games 2020

Early Access Release This is an online multiplayer (4vs2) deception combat game where two players play as shapeshifting Aliens and the other four players play as innocent Crew. The Crew’s goal is to figure out who the disguised aliens are, hunt them down, and kill them, while Aliens aim to deceive and destroy the Crew. Both Crew and Aliens must keep the Andromeda in good repair by fixing generators throughout the round. Last team standing wins. Each character has their own powerful and unique abilities, from teleportation portals to radar satellites. Level them up and discover different attack combos as you compete to be the best. Build up your own set of playable perks through a deep progression system that can be paired with various items and weapons on the ship to help you survive. New content and updates are released regularly. We plan to operate Enemy on Board for years to come. This is a deadly game. With built-in voice chat, beware of deceit and those who sow distrust to ruin all your friendships. It's best to Trust No One.
Steam Free Game (uploaded by Steam)

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