Reverence (cancelled) TSi (Three Space Imagery) / Cyberdreams 1996

You have been chosen by the gods themselves to determine future of human race. According to them, humans are weak and pathetic and don’t deserve to exist anymore. You need to pick up a bunch of guns and energize yourself with a wide array of spells and defeat them one by one. The game is divided into four big realms, each with its own theme. Realm of Osiris, an Egyptian god of underworld full of lava lakes and fire demons; Kokyangwuti, Hopi goddess of life, desert-like world; Frejya, Norse goddess of love whose realm lies under the vast waters and last but not least, Manjursi, Tibetan god of wisdom, who has a vast dominion in mountains. One of the last announced projects by Cyberdreams (maker of the Dark Seed games and I Have No Mouth And I Must Scream) was in development by TSi (Three Space Imagery), pioneers in motion capture technology. Due to financial issues that struck Cyberdreams, the game never moved from an alpha phase. The leaked alpha version can be considered almost a full game. It appears to have all levels with most of the graphics, music and sounds.
Alpha Prototype - ISO Demo (provided by U64!Leaks? & upped by Scaryfun) 157MB
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