Jumpix 'WE' Group 2003

The XXII century. Our Earth is in danger. The invaders want to capture it and make their colony. For a long time the Earth was covered with a protective sphere. But the invaders have invented new weapons to destroy the protective sphere. The only chance to protect the Earth is to use a spacefighter of new generation. But who will be a pilot on the board this spacefighter? You are given an opportunity to defeat of the invaders and get to the Space Intellect. Are you ready to save the Earth? Are you ready to be a hero? Turn to this thrilling game, its beautiful graphics,thrilling music tracks, interesting helpful bonuses. Welcome to the board the space fighter and follow some instructions to control this machine. Remember! If you hit the mark you can use the energy of enemy warship. By means of energy potential your spacefighter will get one of the highest levels. There are 5 level on the way to Space Intellect. Each level makes you close to space Intellect. The number of bonus lets you be more invulnerable. Features: 25 (!!!) gripping levels; New boss after every five levels (5 new bosses total); Thrilling music tracks; Interesting helpful bonuses. Full game includes: More crafty monsters; More thrilling music track; No "Unregistered version"; No nag screens any more; Technical support.
Full Demo 3.3MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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